Author of Dark Fantasy and Horror

D. M. Clarke

"All I could do was hope. Yet hope is a falsehood."

Published Works

  • Expiation


    ​These stories delve into a myriad of visions brought to life by some of the most twisted and brilliant minds in horror today.

    First Published: Trigger Warning: Curses Anthology, Madness Heart Press, December 28 2022 , “Expiation”

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  • An Unfortunate Accident


    A charity anthology featuring short stories, essays and poems written by a diverse group of authors. The collection aims to raise awareness and funds for various women’s rights organizations.

    First Published: ​The Place Where Everyone’s Name is Fear, Outcast Press, December 28 2022 , “An Unfortunate Accident”

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  • A Man


    "I have died many times. Sometimes I need five minutes to die again."

    First Published: Misery Tourism, August 30 2022 , “A Man”

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